Artificial Intelligence Ethics: An Abrahamic commitment to the Rome Call

10 januari 2023

An event entitled “AI Ethics: An Abrahamic commitment to the Rome Call” took at the Vatican on January 10th, 2023. On this occasion, three representatives of the three Abrahamic religions will sign the Rome Call for AI Ethics, a document issued by the Pontifical Academy for Life and furthered by the RenAIssance Foundation in an effort to promote algorethics, i.e. an ethical development of artificial intelligence.

Mons. Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, who was the first to promote the Rome Call in February 2020, will attend the official signing ceremony with Chief Rabbi Eliezer Simha Weisz (Member of the Council of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel), and Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah (Head of the Abu Dhabi Forum for Peace and Chairman of the UAE Fatwa Council).

The first signatories of the Rome Call, Brad Smith (President of Microsoft), Dario Gil (Global Vice President of IBM) and Maximo Torero Cullen (FAO Chief Economist) will attend the inter-religious signing ceremony in the morning, with a view to renewing their commitment.

The ceremony will be preceded by an initial reflection on the urgency of algorethics, presented by Father Paolo Benanti, extraordinary professor of Ethics of Technologies at the Pontifical Gregorian University and scientific director of the RenAIssance Foundation.

After the papal audience, leading experts in the field will address the audience in the afternoon. The keynote speakers will be Prof. Ana Palacio (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain), Prof. Mario Rasetti (Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Physics at the Politecnico of Turin, Italy and President of the Scientific Committee of CENTAI), Dr. Hamza Yusuf (President of Zaytuna College, Berkeley, CA, USA); Prof. Aviad Hacohen (President of the Academic Centre for Law and Science and former dean of the law school, Hod HaSharon, Israel) and Prof. Sebastiano Maffettone (Director of Ethos – LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome, Italy).

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