Conclusies van 12e mondiale FIAMC congres

XXII WORLD CONGRESS of F.I.A.M.C. “Catholic Physicians, Globalization, and Poverty”
11-14 May 2004, Barcelona, Spain

The 22nd Congress of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC) met in Barcelona, representing 78 countries. The theme of the congress was “Catholic physicians, globalisation, and poverty”.

We propose the following conclusions:

  • The current international order condemns entire populations to remain in poverty and misery, which is unjust and against the Will of God.
  • We, Catholic Doctors, reject the kind of globalisation which results in the exploitation of disadvantaged peoples, which exploints their natural resourses, and which results in environmental destruction. We also reject the exploitation of cheap labor in some countries.
  • We reject those aspects of western medicine which promote “medicine of desire” whilst a large part of the world is condemned to remain without basic health care, leading to high rates of maternal and infant mortality and shortened life expectancy.
  • We condemn pressures exerted by international organizations which link aid to the acceptance of unethical reproductive health practices, such as abortion, contraception, and sterilization.
  • We applaud the kind of globalisation which promotes positive values, such as respect for life, and the solidarity between peoples, countries, and classes. This results in breaking down the barriers of marginalization and leads to true promotion of health.
  • We acknowledge that many developing countries have cultural and family values and respect for life which should be accepted by western culture.
  • FIAMC intends to cooperate with international bodies, distance learning programs, and health education programs which promote positive globalisation, which leads to true equity among nations.
  • We will continue to exert pressure on international organizations so that they truly respect human rights.
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