21-22 juni 2019: Toewijding artsen aan het Heilig Hart van Jezus


Bijeenkomst omvat voorbereiding op toewijding artsen aan het Heilig Hart van Jezus en de toewijding door paus Franciscus zelf.

Information from FIAMC

Form to be filled in and sent to FIAMC segretary, Silvija Vasilj. She is registering all participants to the Consecration-Papal Audience.
For the meeting: we will have Friday, from 9AM to 4.30 PM  a preparation time in CIAM (Urbanian University) close to St Peter. Indications are provided in FIAMC website about it and how to join CIAM.  At 5 pm we will have the Holy Mass  with the consecration in St Peter Basilica.
For  the lodging: you can make a reservation in Madri Pie, indicating that you are a FIAMC member.
Participants to the consecration are supposed to make their own arrangements for the lodging. But the easier way is to make a reservation in madri Pie.
A small contribution (donation) will probably be asked to the participants in order to cover the fees of renting the CIAM auditorium. But nothing is yet decided about that.

Meer informatie en inschrijving op de FIAMC website


Vaticaan, Rome