FIAMC op de Wereld Jongerendagen – Lissabon

vrijdag 28 juli 2023, 17:00 u.
woensdag 2 augustus 2023, 17:00 u.

FIAMC, March 16th, 2023

FIAMC will once again be present in the World Youth Days (WYD). We aim to be closer to medical students and our younger colleagues. They are the future of our National Associations and of our World Federation. This year we are preparing two meetings for WYD Lisbon 2023 : 

  • Bootcamp ‘Tirocinium AD MMXXIII‘: July 28 – July 31.
  • III Young Catholic Doctors International Meeting: August 2nd.

Tirocinium shall be the First International Medical Students Leadership Bootcamp promoted by FIAMC uniting the expertise of CMA Youth Sections from USA, Portugal, Croatia, Netherlands and Brazil. 

We invite each national Catholic Medical Association to nominate two students to join our Tirocinium. The president or a director of the CMA should write a simple recommendation letter to be attached to these students application form. If possible, we ask you to send the names of the two nominees to the e-mail untill march 26th. If your CMA does not have a student to nominate, we would ask you to share and promote the event locally so interested students can apply directly. 

If you have any further questions about the Tirocinium event or application process, please contact us at

Events Summary

Camp Name: Tirocinium AD MMXXIII

Theme:  “Stand Up and Go” (Luke 17:19)
Type of event: Bootcamp
Location: Quinta da Texuga, Rua da Texuga 2050-366, Azambuja, Portugal
Dates: Friday afternoon, July 28 to late Monday afternoon, July 31, 2023
Cost: 100 Euros
Application form:
(max 2 students per CMA)

Meeting name: III Young Catholic Doctors International Meeting 

Theme:  “Stand Up and Go” (Luke 17:19)
Type of event: Symposium
Proposed date:
 August 2nd 2023 (Wednesday) – to be confirmed
Time: Afternoon (14:00 – 17:00 h) – to be confirmed
Location: Catholic University of Lisboa – to be confirmed
Cost: free admission
Application: not necessary